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Children's Book Writers
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2015 Young Poets on the Brazos

Congratulations to the 24 winning poets in our 20th annual Young Poets on the Brazos Poetry Contest!

Sixteen of the winners read their poems at the award ceremony on April 28, 2015. Many thanks to contest coordinator Alyson Greene along with volunteers Molly Blaisdell, Shirley Hoskins, Mary Mize, and Jenifer Webb.




A cup of treasured thoughts

Two handfuls of rhyme

Three tablespoons of sounds

Be sure to keep time




A pinch of past grief

A drizzle of joy

An ounce of sweetness

Like a once loved toy



Six loaves of happinessDSCN4029 (2)

One fresh cut laugh

Five full emotions

Neatly sliced in half






A sprinkle of metaphors

A slice of similies

Four drops of wonder

And plenty of imagery


Mix it all upDSCN4031

Put it in the oven

Bake until crispy

It can make a dozen





Set them to cool

Lay out for display

Share with your friends

And savor each day


Natalia Cruz-Vespa

7th Grade

A&M Consolidated Middle School

DSCN4035 (2)