Society of
Children's Book Writers
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Open Volunteer Positions


Please let us know if you’d like to be considered for future openings on our team, or if you’d simply like to become more involved (our region runs on volunteers – all help, no matter how time-limited, is appreciated). We want to hear from you!

Current openings:

Critique Group coordinator:

Critique groups are a great way to engage with and learn from fellow kid lit creators. Critique groups can cover any kid lit genre and be held either in person or virtually. If you are interested in coordinating a critique group anywhere in the Brazos Valley region, please email The regional team will be able to provide you with guidance and help get the word out!

Assistant Regional Advisor

If you are interested in applying for the Assistant Regional Advisor position, please email for an application. Applications are due by May 15th.

A note from current Regional Advisor, Romy Natalia Goldberg:  Hello! I am so excited that you are considering joining our volunteer team! As Regional Advisor, I am committed to ensuring that volunteering for SCBWI comes with benefits that work for you. With the exception of a few housekeeping duties, the majority of ARA duties create great opportunities for developing relationships with industry professionals and members of our regional writing community, as well as providing you with access to free or low cost programming that will help you improve and grow as a kid lit creator. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 

ARA Duties: Estimated hours per week: 3 (please note this may vary as we approach upcoming events such as a regional webinar or conference). These duties may change as you grow into the position and we work to make changes that reduce our workload while maintaining benefits for members.  

  1. Assist regional coordinator in developing programming for members. Ideally we are able to offer the following each year:
  • 10 monthly meetings featuring in person & remote guest speakers
  • 10 monthly virtual book report meetings (no guest speakers needed)
  • 1-3 webinars paid webinars
  • 1-2 sales events/events specific to PAL (published and listed) members
  • 1 conference/in person workshop with industry professionals every 3 years (realistically we would not get to this till 2023)
  1. Assist with the creation of our monthly e-newsletter.
  2. Work with the RA and Communications Coordinator to develop a communications strategy to keep our members and community at large informed about our events via social media, traditional media, etc
  3. Check The Kite email message boards daily.
  4. Ensure book keeping is accurate and reported to SCBWI HQ as needed (usually 1-2 per year).

Requirements: The ideal candidate for this position is:

  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Familiar with volunteer and non-profit work
  • Familiar with and invested in children’s literature
  • Able to access email on a daily basis
  • Note: with the exception of in-person events, this position can be done remotely (within Brazos Valley)
  • Able to meet either via Zoom or in-person with the RA on a monthly basis


This is a volunteer (unpaid) position. ARAs receive free membership in SCBWI while serving in that position, and after they retire, an ARA who serves at least two years but less than five years receives two years free membership, and one who serves five or more years receives three years free membership. ARAs also receive free or reduced tuition at the Summer Conference in Los Angeles and the Winter Conference in New York, as well as at most regional events everywhere in the world. Regional Team members including ARA´s in Texas have the added benefit of free tuition to conferences held by Austin, North Texas, Houston and Southwest Texas regions. They are eligible for travel grants to the Summer and Winter Conferences, and for professional development grants that are available only to RTs (Regional Team members = RAs, ARAs [Assistant Regional Advisors], and ICs [Illustrator Coordinators]).

ARA´s that join SCBWI Brazos Valley´s regional team before July of 2022 are eligible to attend the all expenses paid Regional Teams Retreat to be held in New York City the weekend of October 21st, 2022. SCBWI HQ say the retreat will “feature editors, agents and art directors who are attending just for you, to hear about your work and offer an opportunity to submit to them or get feedback.  The weekend would give us a chance to be together and celebrate the extraordinary work you’ve all done to guide SCBWI through the pandemic, and would also provide you with a special and rare opportunity to network with industry professionals and with each other.” ARAs also have increased access to important people—editors, agents, publicists, etc.—in the industry.

The most important perks, though, are knowing you are making a difference to writers and illustrators, and especially to young readers; and belonging to the supportive, enthusiastic, creative RT community.

Historically, SCBWI’s leadership and membership have not fully reflected the diverse population of children’s book writers to include: religious and cultural minorities, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, nationality, socioeconomic differences, disability, language, neuroatypicality, etc. While we value those leaders and members who reflect/have reflected underrepresented groups, we recognize that we can and must do better at the SCBWI. We want all of our members to be represented and to feel heard. So if you are a member of an underrepresented group, we encourage you to apply.

Previous experience volunteering with the region is a plus.